Finding Breakfast Joints in SD

by Krunch Guide

Publishedon 04/04/2014 - 11:17 pm

If you are one of the many that like to come to San Diego for a vacation, you are going to have to eat sooner or later. There are plenty of quality places, so there is no need to eat in the tourist traps.

There are breakfast joints and then there are real breakfast joints. They say breakfast is the most important meal and who are we to argue? In San Diego, breakfast means hitting the spots the locals go to. You know. The spots that are packed with lines out the door?

The first rule of visiting San Diego is to abandon your hotel as quickly as possible. This is a place to sleep and that is it. Eating in your hotel is the equivalent of visiting Tuscany and drinking wine in a box - it just shouldn't happen. There are plenty of spots the locals will point out and they are plenty good.

Pacific Beach is a popular spot for visitors and the younger crowd. After a night of hitting the dance floor, reviving is a priority. There are plenty of little hole in the wall places offering breakfast in "PB", but the "Broken Yolk" is the place to be. As the name suggests, eggs are the primary ingredient but most things are on the menu. It can be crowded, so plan to spend some time.

Farther north, we have Cardiff. It is a little beach community with a number of restaurants right on the ocean. One of these is known as Ki's. For those that like a healthy dose of grease the morning after consuming beverages, Ki's will be a shock. Yes, it is all healthy food. From wheat grass to fresh fruit, this is the place to eat breakfast and not feel like you've swallowed a brick.

Just to the north of Cardiff is the City of Encinitas. Apparently, they don't sell cereal in the town. We have more breakfast places than you can imagine. Nearly all of them are good, and picking a top one is difficult. Nonetheless, "A Little More" coffee shop is the spot. Technically in Leucadia, this is the coffee shop of yesteryear. It is located on highway 101 and has indoor and outdoor seating. The place is packed with locals in flip flops and the like. You can get traditional breakfasts and loaf away the morning reading the paper or meeting a bevy of nice people.

San Diegans are known for being pretty low key. One thing that does get us fired up is a good breakfast joint. Any of the above will do you good, but there are plenty of other spots as well. If you are visiting us here in San Diego, just promise me you won't eat in your hotel. There is probably an epic restaurant just around the corner from you!


John Clickner - 04/04/2014 - 11:21 pm

This article was extremely helpful. I have been looking for new places eat breakfast and this list is fantastic. I have already eaten at Jinky's and Griddle Cafe. I am going to hit up Home next.